More Musical Humor from Humor In Music Festival

In Otterbein University’s recent Humor in Music Festival, composers, performers, and educators spent several days trying to decide if music can be funny. During the festival,  Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick did a presentation which attempted to find the answer to that question.

Here I serve up the difference between humor IN music and humor WITH music.  It is a blurred line, at best.  There are many examples of humor with music.  Peter Schickele and Victor Borge are two examples which immediately come to mind.  There are others, however.  One of the funniest is Igudesman and Joo.  You can see their “Rachmaninoff Had Big Hands” performance above.

To help kickstart your “research,” our Classically-minded friends in New York at WQXR have compiled a short list.  You’ll find it here.