Live Concerts, In Your Home

Cellist Joshua Roman performs in the Classical 101 studios(Photo: WOSU/Ann Draghi)
Cellist Joshua Roman performs in the Classical 101 studios(Photo: WOSU/Ann Draghi)

Carryout is king today, it seems. Busy work schedules and busy lives in general often leave little time for preparing meals. So what do we do?  Grab something at the drive through or pick up some prepared food at the grocery.

“Carryout concerts” are becoming more common, both overseas and in the United States.  What was in the days of Haydn and Mozart mostly a perk of royalty is increasingly becoming a popular pastime for the rest of us.

Think about it. You attend a performance of your favorite artist or ensemble in a beautiful theatre, hear great music, and maybe have dinner afterwards.  The next day, when you try to tell a friend about it, words are never enough.  They just had to be there.  Well, why not make that happen?

If you contact ProMusica Chamber Orchestra, Columbus Symphony, Columbus Jazz Orchestra, or Columbus Musicians LLC, you can find any number of musicians, styles, and ensembles to come to your home or event and make music for you and your friends.  

In this age of easily portable entertainment, there is still nothing to compare with being in the same room as those making making music.  I have had several opportunities to have that experience over the years.  By far, they have been some of the most memorable musical moments of my life.  Some have occurred in the Classical 101 studios, but the majority have been in the homes of friends.

I sat in the studio with the cello section from ProMusica Chamber Orchestra as they played several pieces from an upcoming concert.  When you sit among a group of cellists playing Astor Piazzolla, you feel the music, not just hear it.

Another experience was being in the middle of a Cinco de Mayo jam session in a friend’s living room in Nashville, courtesy of amazing group called Goose Creek Symphony.  We were surrounded by fiddles, percussion and guitars, enjoying Mexican food and margaritas while the music washed over us.  In that setting, you don’t just hear the music, you wear it.

So the next time you and your music-loving friends are planning a get-together, consider making music one of the focal points, rather than an adjunct.  It will change your life!

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  • Cherie Lebrun

    Maybe I missed something, but how much does this cost? I think some folks in Zanesville, OH would be interested.