Jazz Musicians Draw a Crowd…Milk the Audience

Does Sweet Music Make for Sweeter Milk?

They say contented cows give better milk.  Four French musicians decide to do an impromptu experiment.

World’s Musicians Mourn Passing of “Instrument Doctor”

He began making violins at the age of twelve.  Sixty-six years later, musicians from Elmar Oliviera to Itzhak Perlman,  Yo-Yo Ma to Anne Akiko Meyers mourn the passing of René A. Morel.

Read Luthier René A. Morel, 1932-2011 (violinist.com)

Musician Squabble Means Kentucky Opera to Perform With Piano

Singers will have no trouble being heard over the orchestra in Kentucky…there won’t be one.  Louisville Orchestra musicians have been replaced by two pianos and a harpsichord.

Read Kentucky Opera to Perform Without an Orchestra (courier-journal)