The Role Music Could Play in the Lives of our Children

For our children, music in schools is a hit or miss proposition.(Photo:
For our children, music in schools is a hit or miss proposition.(Photo:

Two stories caught my eye recently: One is an increasingly familiar tale of the lack of music instruction in our schools: Why Are Americans Disappearing from the Classical Music Scene?

The other is about the role music COULD play in our lives and the lives of our children, if only those who control the purse strings and make the decisions would listen: A Crescendo in the West Bank

Then, while writing this, a third example of music as necessity, rather than luxury, came to my attention: Amid West Bank’s Turmoil, the Pull of Strings

For many of us, playing in the school band, singing in the school or church choir, hauling our instrument home on the bus, and taking some sort of  lessons were all part of growing up.

For our children, music in schools is a hit or miss proposition.  Arts education is easy to cut.  When it happens, there is some outcry, but not enough.  Cut funding for high school football, look out! Why, football teaches teamwork, builds character, boys NEED football.

I agree; participating in sports provides all that and more. I played baseball and wrestled in school, and it taught me much.  However, I invite you to take a moment to learn of the role music plays in the life of Dalia Moukarker, who lives in the West Bank.

Standing idly by while government and school officials slash funding for the arts in our country is no longer an option.

  • Tim

    Thank you for discussing a serious problem in our society that threatens our culture. The arts are as important as sports and should not be considered a luxury. A name that comes to mind is Ronen Segev of Ten O’clock Classics, a non profit organization in NYC. This organization pairs low income youth with Juilliard alumni for free of charge private music instruction and free instruments. We need to support efforts in our community and schools that give the gift of music to the next generation of artists.

  • Boyce Lancaster

    Thank you for your comments, Tim. I’m going to look into Ten O’Clock Classics and see what might be done to do something similar here. Stay tuned for further comments!