Is Technology Infringing on Classical Music?

The ubiquitous Twitter logo(Photo:
The ubiquitous Twitter logo(Photo:

LA Times Music Critic Mark Swed Says Tweet All You Want…In the Lobby.

In recent times, many arts organizations have attempted to be a little more hip by letting the technologically savvy bring their tech-toys into the theatre.  Whether it’s tweets flying back and forth about the Tchaikovsky being performed onstage or, in one instance, an ensemble making music on their iPhones, this trend seems to be increasing…but to what end?

Mr. Swed recently took a shot at social media consultants who, rather than teach organizations how to use technology to market their performances, are telling them to make it part of their performance.

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Kentucky Opera Declines to Use Louisville Orchestra Musicians During Contract Squabble

Louisville Orchestra musicians offered their services for an upcoming performance of Carmen, but the  opera company says  taking sides would jeopardize “the relationship between the opera and the orchestra.”

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How About a Sauna After Rehearsal?

Norman Lebrecht took a behind-the-scenes tour of what he termed “Helsinki’s promising Music Centre, perhaps the most auspicious concert hall since Walt Disney in LA.”  What he found was, well, you just have to see for yourself.

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