Happy New Year from Vienna

Goldener Saal [Golden Hall] of the "Musikverein" in Vienna(Photo: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/user:Hieke)
Goldener Saal [Golden Hall] of the "Musikverein" in Vienna(Photo: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/user:Hieke)

Every New Year’s  Day on the morning of January 1st, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra performs a program of light concert music, and broadcasts it around the world.

You’ll hear a lot from the Strauss family, Johann senior and junior, Josef and Eduard, and other Austrian composers, including Joseph Lanner, Otto Nicoli, and Mozart among others. It’s a festive musical celebration every year.

This annual concert tradition started in 1939 with Clement Krauss leading the orchestra in the Large Hall of the Musikverein, where the performances been held ever since.

Many illustrious conductors have led the concerts over the years, including Willi Boskovsky, Lorin Maazel, Claudio Abaddo, Herbert von Karajan, Carlos Kleiber, Seijii Ozawa, Daniel Barenboim, and this year’s conductor, Georges Pretre. The world-wide broadcasts reach an estimated 50 million people in 72 countries.

Here is the opening of this year’s concert with George Pretre leading the Vienna Philharmonic in Johann Strauss Jr.’s Overture to Die Fledermaus:

–Happy New Year

  • Sharon Hamersley

    It sure would have been nice to actually see this on TV! I understand there was a glitch in making this happen…hopefully next Jan. 1st??? Also, please don’t just put it on at 1 AM, but at a time when we’re still awake. Thank you.

  • Bill Young

    This is the first time in 25 years that I have missed both the FM morning broadcast and the evening TV broadcast. I hope conditions turn around so that we can have them back next year.

  • Alice Crum

    My friend and I attended one of these concerts in Vienna many years ago and have been llistening to them each year on television with Walter Cronkite and looking forward to them each year and enjoying them. I even taped a couple of them
    Why are they not being televised? Is it because of Cronkite not being able give the commentary?
    I hope that it will be televised nest year and presented again on New Year’s or therebout in the evening at an hour that many people will be able to enjoy it.
    Please try to have this happen.