Gustavo Dudamel Brings Venezuela’s El Sistema to U.S.

Gustavo Dudamel(Photo: L.A. Philharmonic)
Gustavo Dudamel(Photo: L.A. Philharmonic)

Former Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra Conductor…Bard College, Launch Music Education Initiative.

Gustavo Dudamel is passionate about music education, as evidenced by his work with the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, and the passion those young musicians display when they perform.  Now, the current L.A. Phil conductor wants to inject music education in this country with that same passion.

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Follow Young Musicians in Your Community

Many young musicians in Columbus are hard at work preparing for a new season with the Columbus Symphony Youth Orchestra.  You can follow thiem on Facebook.

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Abusive conductor shown the door

You might remember a posting I wrote in August about conductor Mark Gorenstein’s rocky relationship with musicians in the Svetlanov Symphony.  (Musicians Reach Boiling Point With Abusive Conductor)  Gorenstein is now threatening legal action after being forced out by Russian Minister of Culture Alexander Avdeyev.

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Is the tyrannical conductor a thing of the past?

Maestro Gorenstein wasn’t the only conductor to experience repercussions for the way they treated musicians.  Roberto Minczuk, director of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, was recently demoted after demanding that his musicians re-audition for their jobs.  When they refused, he fired 33 of them.  With the explosion of social media, these incidents are no longer kept behind closed doors.  Do you think conductors have too much power, or have things begun to change?  Naomi Lewin of radio station WQXR in New York explored this topic with guests Norman Lebrecht, Anne Midgette, and Jesse Rosen.

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  • Myster Baad

    Art is not and cannot be a wholly humanistic pursuit. To be true art, one must not merely bring all of one’s humanity to the practice of it; one must put that humanity in a position of subservience and service.

    In today’s ever-more-humanistic society, art and culture suffer as never before. It is a simple calculus: if it doesn’t hurt, you’re doing it wrong.

    I applaud all abusive conductors, regardless of circumstances.