Glazunov and Bruckner Symphony Cycles Coming Soon

Russian composer Alexander Glazounov(Photo: "The Etude" magazine (1913))
Russian composer Alexander Glazounov(Photo: "The Etude" magazine (1913))

If you listen to Symphony at 7, you know we had a complete Mahler symphony cycle in early July.  Next Wednesday, August 1oth, we’ll begin a cycle of the symphonies of Alexander Glazunov and in September, Anton Bruckner.

The relatively unknown Alexander Glazunov was born in 1865 and lived until 1936.  His lifespan and musical activities fell between and overlapped those of the better-known great Russian composers, such as Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky and Rimsky-Korsakov in the 19th Century and Prokofiev and Shostakovitch in the 20th.  We’ll have his eight completed symphonies, as well as the unfinished Ninth.

The better-known Austrian composer Anton Bruckner wrote large, massive Late-Romantic symphonies, a series rivaled only by Gustav Mahler.  We’ll have the nine symphonies plus the earlier Symphony No. O (!), called “Die Nullte.”

I hope you can join us for some large-scale music coming up on Symphony at 7 on Classical 101.