Friday Fun with Opera: Two Tenors, Two Languages, One Aria

Three Tenors(Photo: marc falardeau (Flickr))
Three Tenors(Photo: marc falardeau (Flickr))

The world of opera has known many good tenors. Precious few, however, have made it to the ranks of the great.

For some Friday fun, I bring you two truly great tenors – one belated, the other of the new guard of opera stars – singing the same aria: “M’appari” (Italian) or “Ach, so fromm” (German) from Friedrich von Flotow’s most famous opera, Martha.

Here’s the inimitable Luciano Pavarotti singing “M’appari” in  a 1988 recital with James Levine:

Now the phenomenal Jonas Kaufmann singing “Ach, so fromm” in a recording session for his Romantic Arias recording:

  • CGDiamond

    P.  has the sound; K. has the finesse.  I like the orig. German better. We are lucky to have both.