Former basketball star winds up studying voice at Juilliard

Jeanette Vecchione was a sharp-shooting point guard at Longwood High School in Long Island, New York, where she held the record for sinking three-point shots.  Vecchione had been contacted by a number of Division I schools, including Tennessee, where at the time Pat Summit was the coach of a nearly unbeatable juggernaut.

When Jeanette learned she needed one more elective class, she decided to join the school choir.  When she auditioned, in a styled she compared to pop singer Mariah Carey, her teacher told her she sounded like all of the other girls who had auditioned.

As Vecchione left the classroom, she said, “of course, I can sing opera,” then tossed off a few notes in an operatic style.  At that moment, her life changed forever.

All of a sudden, her teacher was calling her back in the room.  She was asked to sing something else, then told she needed to be studying at Juilliard.  Amazingly enough, that’s exactly what happened.

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    What a great story, and what a great voice! Hopefully she’ll be arriving at the Met soon. Lord knows they can use her there.