Five Amazing Classically Talented Pets

A piano playing cat hard at work.(Photo: grange85)
A piano playing cat hard at work.(Photo: grange85)

Following up on our post about pairing classical music and pets, here are a few of our favorite classically talented pets for your amusement.

5. Nora The Piano Cat

We’ve written in the past about Nora, the piano-playing feline phenom who became a youtube celebrity for her cat-certos (she even now has her own website, calendar and even Twitter account), but the video that started it all is worth another watch:

So after Nora became famous, her video (of course) spawned many remixes. Our favorite is this one with full orchestra by composer/conductor Mindaugas Piecaitis:

4. Tucker The Piano-playing Schnoodle

But there is also real talent among the canines. Here’s Tucker, the seriously capable piano playing Schnoodle.

3. The Amazing Megan

And then there’s “The Amazing Megan” (although we’re not convinced she’s as ‘amazing’ as Tucker):

2. Spunky The Piano Hamster

Spunky plays his greatest hits (which sound surprisingly Webern-esque):

1. Menino The Opera-singing Parrot

And finally, we were having a hard time deciding which species is the most musically talented, but this parrot is one of our favorites (and the only pet with some legitimate classical chops).

Listen to Menino “sing” the Queen of the Night’s aria from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s The Magic Flute.

Bonus: Keyboard Cat Plays Beethoven

Of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t include a keyboard cat remix in this post, so here you go:

Do you have a musically talented pet? Leave a comment and let us know!