Feet on Falla: What Happens When Chamber Music Meets Ballet

Toe-tapping music is nothing new for Melbourne, Australia’s Ensemble Liaison. Now they’re taking it to the next level.

Next week, the chamber group’s musicians – pianist Timothy Young, clarinetist David Griffiths and cellist Svetlana Bogosavljevich – will team up with the dance company Jack Productions to perform A Chamber Ballet, a new ballet choreographed by Lucas Jervies for modern dancers and chamber ensemble, according to a report in the Melbourne Weekly Eastern.

In the ballet, set to music by the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, the musicians play onstage and the dancers move around and between them.

A Chamber Ballet joins another collaboration between Jervies and Ensemble Liaison. Jervies created Smile for the Milwaukee Ballet, accompanied in the video above by Ensemble Liaison.

Check out Ensemble Liaison’s stunning gallery of photos from rehearsals of A Chamber Ballet.