“Concerto of the South” by Ponce on Next Fretworks

Mexican composer Manuel Ponce wrote a fine guitar concerto for Andreas Segovia in 1941, using his own original theme and native Mexican rhythms and harmonies.  The Concierto del Sur by Ponce will be featured on Fretworks Saturday evening between 7 and 8 p.m.

Here’s a performance of the work videotaped in 2003 in Northern Italy:

Swedish guitarist Goran Sollscher will play music of Fernando Sor, the Fantasie, Op. 30.  It’s a piece that reflects some of the musical tastes in Paris and London during the early 19th century, from a composer-guitarist who traveled widely and was highly regarded.

The father and son guitarists Angel and Lito Romero will perform an arrangement of a two mandolin concerto by Antonio Vivaldi, and John Williams (featured recently in a blog post) will open and close Saturday’s Fretworks broadcast.  I hope you can join me for an hour of fine music for the classical guitar beginning at 7pm on Classical 101.