Columbus Guitar Society to Present Virtuoso Mandolin-Guitar Duo

Saturday evening at 8pm, the Columbus Guitar Society is presenting a virtuoso classical mandolin-guitar duo.  Carlo Aonzo, mandolin, and Rene Izquierdo, guitar, will be performing  a program At Capitol University’s Huntington Recital Hall in Bexley.

There will be intricate and beautiful combination of sounds emanating from from these varied, yet complimentary instruments.  With the fast plectrum-driven sound of the mandolin, accompanied by the rich sonorities of the guitar, wonderful musical tapestries are sure to emerge from these two fine players.

Here is a sample of mandolin  player Carlo Aonzo:

And here is guitarist Rene Izquierdo:

And April 14th at 8pm, you’ll be able to hear both of them in concert together weaving musical magic at Capitol University, presented by the Columbus Guitar Society.

  • Eugene

    I’m quite excited to also share that this concert will represent the official release of the duo’s new CD, entirely dedicated to the music of Paganini!