Columbus Guitar Society Presents Luthier’s Forum

2 guitars(Photo: Wikipedia)
2 guitars(Photo: Wikipedia)

If you’ve ever wondered how acoustic guitars are made by hand, stop by for the Columbus Guitar Society’s 2nd luthier’s forum this Saturday, February 18th.  The event will take place at the Lennox Town Center Barnes & Noble, beginning at 1pm.  Local guitar builders and repairers will give a presentation on their craft and answer questions from those attending.

I’m sure there will be members of the Columbus Guitar Society on hand as well to demonstrate the beautiful sound these instruments produce.  I’ve often enjoyed stopping by on Saturdays when the group has its monthly gathering there and listening to pieces by Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega, or Johann Sebastian Bach while I’m browsing or having a treat in the cafe.

This Saturday you will not only hear the beautiful sounds of acoustic instruments being played by members of a local organization dedicated to keeping the art alive, but you’ll also hear from people in our area who are keeping the art of musical instrument making alive as well.  That could be an entertaining and educational combination, I would think.