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The Innovative Mosaic Of American Symphonies

Conductor JoAnn Falletta.
Conductor JoAnn Falletta.
8, 2013

Conductor JoAnn Falletta, one of the strongest champions of American symphonic music, asks: Does a great American symphony even have to be a symphony?

Piano Competition Winner Says It’s Time To End Grueling Contests

26, 2013

Boris Giltburg, winner of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, is angry at a piano competition system he says is more punishment, than pleasure.

Mark O’Connor Presents Improv Concerto Style

4, 2013

In the world of classical music, little is left to chance.  Tempos, dynamics, cadenzas are all well-rehearsed.  In Mark O’Connor’s world, things can be a little more fluid.

We might be hard-wired to enjoy music’s intangibles

Musical endorphins?
23, 2013

Everyone enjoys a good meal, but why do we enjoy something as abstract as music?

Cellist Joshua Roman on Classical 101 Friday morning

18, 2013

The press has dubbed cellist Joshua Roman a “Classical Rock Star.”  He will be in the Classical 101 studio Friday at 9am for a live interview and performance.

ProMusica celebrates Timothy Russell’s “Grand Finale”

Timothy Russell
April 18, 2013

Timothy Russell celebrates his final performance as ProMusica’s conductor with an exciting performance that will feature young cellist Joshua Roman.

Good Friday and Easter specials on Classical 101

Listen to Classical 101 for Good Friday and Easter music from First Community Church.
March 28, 2013

Ronald J. Jenkins, Minister of Music and Liturgy at First Community Church, leads a diverse program of hymns in both traditional and new settings, along with sacred classics, including works by J.S. Bach and Johannes Brahms.

Mozart activates your dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

27, 2013

“It’s really not about whether a certain piece of music has the “it” ingredient that will improve someone’s mental faculties. Rather, listening in and of itself improves those faculties, and it also does a whole lot more—it makes us better people.”

Who’s listening to contemporary music?

13, 2013

Someone who composes with no consideration of their audience can’t reasonably be surprised or disappointed when they don’t have one.

Improvisational Artist Crosses Barriers, Blends Worlds

11, 2013

There are a number of musicians today who seem to defy categorization, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners from all musical walks of life.  Of course, variations on a theme have been a part of music as long as there has been music, but the lines now being crossed seem to get blurrier by [...]