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Horror-filled Moments for Musicians

31, 2013

When a musician’s nightmares become reality

21st-Century Prodigy? Don’t Let Emily Bear Hear You Call Her That

11, 2013

There is a young lady named Emily Bear who has had the word prodigy attached to her name by many, but she’d rather you not.

What Does Music Mean?

28, 2013

The comment I hear most often, from both longtime classical music listeners and those who are either new or occasional listeners, is, “I don’t really know a lot about classical music, but…”

Getting Children Off the Streets and into Practice Rooms

26, 2013

I was saddened to see street corners of kids just hanging out while wasting valuable time they could be utilizing in a more productive way. Most of all, I was disappointed to find too many people who thought it was someone else’s job to provide them with musical opportunities.

(Re)Discovering Jerome Moross

Jerome Moross
Jerome Moross
August 1, 2013

Oftentimes I will mention a composers name to someone and see not the first hint of recognition.  I should not be surprised.  Most people who share my love of music do not have the luxury of digging into the lives of composers and performers that is part of my daily routine.  Nothing increases the pleasure [...]

Soprano Licia Albanese Turns 100

Licia Albanese in a recent photo. Today, she is 1oo and thought to be 104!
31, 2013

A great artist from a time gone by is still with us on a significant birthday.

A Conversation with Bach

9, 2013

If Dmitri Shostakovich ran into J.S. Bach at a cocktail party…would they have anything to talk about? Yes!

The World’s Most Expensive Violin Plays Again

1, 2013

The new owner of the Guarnerius del Jesu violin, which was purchased for a record amount, presented it to Anne Akiko Meyers earlier this year. The violin had sat silent for 50 years.

Ohio State Researchers Find Music Helps Anxiety In ICU Patients

Dr. Linda Chlan, professor, Symptom Management Research
June 28, 2013

A recent OSU study shows how music improves the lives of patients on ventilators.

Who was Liberace, really?

28, 2013

Musically speaking there was much more to Liberace than candelabras and cabaret songs. When he was 20, he played the 2nd Piano Concerto by Franz Liszt with the Chicago Symphony.