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Miro Quartet In-Studio Performance and Interview

Miró Quartet performs in the Classical 101 studio.
Miró Quartet performs in the Classical 101 studio.
January 27, 2015

The Miró Quartet visited the Classical 101 studios while they where in Columbus for two performances with the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra. Listen to their performance and interview with Boyce Lancaster.

Miró Quartet with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra this Weekend

The Miro Quartet plays this weekend with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra
23, 2015

The Miró Quartet performs this weekend with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra in concerts at the Pontifical College Josephinum, Saturday, January 24 at 5:30pm and at the Southern Theatre, Sunday, January 25 at 7:00pm.

In the Key of ‘D’anzmayr: Great Music Being Written Today

_MG_3209_DavidDanzmayr-Edit_300dpi-1 (1280x853)
ProMusica Music Director David Danzmayr
20, 2014

New generations of music listeners were/are raised in a world much different than a couple of generations ago. They look for a different musical experience.

First Community Church Presents Carol Service Sunday, December 14

Carols for Christmas, Sunday at 4:30pm at First Community Church, 3777 Dublin RD, Dublin OH
9, 2014

This Sunday at 4:30pm, the Chancel Choir and Chamber Singers of First Community Church, along with several musical guests, present the 41st annual Carols for Christmas.

In the Key of ‘D’anzmayr: Mess or Masterpiece?

_MG_3209_DavidDanzmayr-Edit_300dpi-1 (1280x853)
ProMusica Music Director David Danzmayr
3, 2014

Mozart’s original music manuscripts could be framed as art…Beethoven’s sometimes appear to have been used as drawing paper by a pre-schooler.

Hesperus Performs Live on Classical 101 Today at 2 pm

A poster for The Hunchback of Notre Dame with Hesperus' early music film score.
Tune in to Classical 101 today at 2:00 to hear Hesperus perform live and talk about their early music sore for the 1923 Lon Chaney silent film The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
November 6, 2014

Find out why the award-winning early music ensemble Hesperus is the only group to perform early music to classic silent films. Tune in the Classical 101 today at 2:00 to hear the musicians of Hesperus perform live and talk about tomorrow night’s performance of their early music score for the Lon Chaney film “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

Classical 101′s Halloween Playlist

Lon Chaney as The Phantom of the Opera
Classical101 invites you to a spooktacular playlist this Halloween, on air all day. Listen to your favorite classic horror film suites as well as classical music with a diabolical flavor.
October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween from Classical101!

Friday, October 31st’s on-air ghoulish playlist features diabolical dances, demonic quadrilles, and suites from a few of our favorite classic horror films.

Be sure to tune in for the ‘By Request with Christopher Purdy’ to hear what you, the listeners, have selected this Halloween. Also listen for selections from the upcoming Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Angels and Demons’ program October 31st and November 1st with interviews from the soloist, Betsy Sturdevant and conductor, Vladimir Kulenovic at 9:00am with Jennifer Hambrick.

Composer John Mackey Joins Classical 101

John Mackey
29, 2014

We wrote about John Mackey’s visit to Classical 101, yesterday. And what a performance it was! Well, today, we’ve taken highlights from his interview with Jennifer Hambrick, and posted them here!

No Ticket Required; The Music of John Mackey at Ohio State

Classical101 host Jennifer Hambrick with composer John Mackey
Composer John Mackey joined Jennifer Hambrick in the studio this morning, (Oct. 28, 2014) for a live interview to discuss his work, particularly "Wine-Dark Sea:Symphony for Band" which will be presented tonight by The Ohio State University Wind Symphony.
28, 2014

Composer and guest of the Ohio State University School of Music, John Mackey, joined Classical101 host Jennifer Hambrick this morning in the studio for an on-air interview. His work,Wine-Dark Sea: Symphony for Band, his largest composition to date, will be performed tonight by the Ohio State Wind Symphony following a two-day residency on campus.

Music From the Heart

27, 2014

Doreen’s Jazz New Orleans is a group whose primary interest lies in spreading the culture and traditional music of New Orleans all over the world, through performances and education.