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Could the Rite of Spring happen today?

7, 2013

While I am not advocating a riot, throwing a punch, or even booing, I do wonder if we are a bit TOO polite – not just when we don’t like something, but even when we DO.

100 Years Later, Igor Stravinsky Still Rocks The House

30, 2013

Though the composer may no longer live, the music does…and when musicians begin to unlock what has been written, the music becomes a living, breathing entity, communicating across cultures and times to speak to us.

Richard Wagner had a lot of brass

9, 2013

Imagine Richard Wagner in the age of social media. Here’s a composer whose Ring Cycle, 20 years in the making, takes 15 hours over four days to perform. Two decades of minute-by-minute updates, telling the world in minute detail of the progress being made on his operas.

Cellists David Finckel and Luis Biava in the Classical 101 studios

4, 2013

Classical 101 listeners get a special sneak peek as David Finckel, along with NASO conductor/cellist Luis Biava will be in the studio with me on Friday morning at 9am for music and conversation.

Good Friday and Easter specials on Classical 101

Listen to Classical 101 for Good Friday and Easter music from First Community Church.
March 28, 2013

Ronald J. Jenkins, Minister of Music and Liturgy at First Community Church, leads a diverse program of hymns in both traditional and new settings, along with sacred classics, including works by J.S. Bach and Johannes Brahms.

March of a Titan

26, 2013

Hearing a chuckle go up from the audience when they ‘get’ a musical innuendo is quite gratifying for orchestra and composer alike.

Ukrainian-born pianist hopes internet success translates to sales

12, 2013

A series of events had pianist Valentina Lisitsa questioning her desire to have a performance career. When her manager died, she began to look at herself as, in her words, “just another blonde Russian pianist.” Sheer determination, and YouTube, has changed all that.

Improvisational Artist Crosses Barriers, Blends Worlds

11, 2013

There are a number of musicians today who seem to defy categorization, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners from all musical walks of life.  Of course, variations on a theme have been a part of music as long as there has been music, but the lines now being crossed seem to get blurrier by [...]

Has Technology Made the Concert Hall Obsolete?

28, 2013

Author Paul Elie contends that technology has rendered live performance unnecessary

Michala Petri to perform with ProMusica at Josephinum; Southern

Michala Petri og Lars Hannibal, okt. 2006
Michala Petri plays with ProMusica Chamber Orchestra this Saturday and Sunday
22, 2013

When most of us think of recorders, we have flashbacks to music class in elementary school as we were given our first opportunities to make music. When you hear Michala Petri, you’ll realize just how far this is from your 2nd grade music class.