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Janine Jansen: Exploited – Or Driven?

8, 2014

Dutch violinist Janine Jansen began violin studies at 6-years-old. Now 35, she has ascended to the ranks of the worlds finest violinists. Some have asked if she is there by choice, or has been pushed (some use the word exploited) by those around her.

A Full Slate of Weekend Holiday Specials on Classical 101

It Came Upon A Midnight Clear Sheet Music on Music Stand
Listen to Christmas specials this weekend on Classical 101.
19, 2013

Along with the regular music you enjoy on Classical 101, there are some wonderful special programs for the holidays, as well. Saturday at 4:30 pm, The First Community Church Chancel Choir and instrumentalists from the Columbus Symphony present Lessons and Carols, the First Community Church Christmas Eve service from 2012. Sunday at 1:00 pm is [...]

Memorable Bach from Pianist Andras Schiff

25, 2013

I am always amazed when performing artists such as pianist Andras Schiff can play a long and complex collection of keyboard works such as J. S. Bach’s Well-Temepered Clavier, all in one evening, live in concert, and entirely from memory. That’s what took place at London’s Wigmore Hall this past weekend.

Return to Camelot: Music in the Kennedy White House

President and Mrs. Kennedy with Isaac Stern after a White House performance
November 18, 2013

Three days in Dallas still reverberate with many today…a series on Classical 101 will look at the artistic and cultural legacy of the Kennedy years beginning tonight at 8:00 pm. Boyce Lancaster is your host for Return to Camelot: Music in the Kennedy White House…Mon-Thurs at 8:00 pm on Classical 101

21st-Century Prodigy? Don’t Let Emily Bear Hear You Call Her That

11, 2013

There is a young lady named Emily Bear who has had the word prodigy attached to her name by many, but she’d rather you not.

Top Ten Tenors

31, 2013

Who is YOUR favorite tenor?

Young Russian Pianist Tackles Beethoven’s Toughest Sonatas First

27, 2013

When 26-year-old Russian pianist Igor Levit signed a contract with Sony Classical, he quickly decided to begin at the what for others is the finish line…Beethoven’s final five sonatas.

14-Year-Old Guitarist Rocks Vivaldi

14, 2013

A young guitarist who is comfortable playing everything from Vivaldi and Carulli to Van Halen appears to have a bright musical future ahead.

(Re)Discovering Jerome Moross

Jerome Moross
Jerome Moross
August 1, 2013

Oftentimes I will mention a composers name to someone and see not the first hint of recognition.  I should not be surprised.  Most people who share my love of music do not have the luxury of digging into the lives of composers and performers that is part of my daily routine.  Nothing increases the pleasure [...]

How Can You Find the ‘Best’ Recordings?

29, 2013

Whether you’re shopping for a new recording, or just love to debate the merits of one over the other, there’s a lot of thought-provoking entertainment to be found in the music section of