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New Book Explores the Mysterious Lives of Musician-Physicians

cover of the book Scales to Scalpels: Doctors Who Practice the Healing Arts of Music and Medicine
Musicians of Boston's Longwood Symphony Orchestra foster healing in the clinic and the concert hall.
August 13, 2012

Pediatrician and Longwood Symphony Orchestra violinist Lisa Wong tells the story of one of America’s most venerable orchestras of health care providers.

The Pianist in the Dark: A New Novel About a Remarkable Woman

Pianist in the Dark book cover
The cover of Michele Halberstadt's novel The Pianist in the Dark Michèle Halberstadt takes us into the world and mind of the blind pianist and composer Maria Theresia von Paradis in "The Pianist in the Dark."
21, 2012

Imagine that you are a prodigiously gifted pianist, born into a class of privilege and opportunity. The world is yours but for two problems: you are female in an era bound up by rigid gender codes, and you are blind. In an effort to restore your vision, your parents place you in the hands of countless medical professionals, who subject you to all manner of medical experiments and purported treatments. One of these episodes reaches the breaking point, a crisis that plunges you into despair, threatens your musical gift and shatters your innocence forever.
This is the story Michèle Halberstadt tells in her novel “The Pianist in the Dark.”

Listen to This!

Don't Miss This Book!
October 5, 2011

Alex Ross’s wonderful collection of essays, Listen to This is now in paperback.

The Great Eva Turner

eva turner book
Soprano Linda Esther Gray's splendid new biography of her teacher Dame Eva Turner
August 30, 2011

Linda Esther Gray has written a splendid biography of her mentor, soprano Eva Turner (1892-1990). Dame Eva was the first British born soprano to have a huge international career-and she was quite the character on and off stage. Beautifully illustrated-its a book for anyone who loves music-in no way a “diva memoir.”

Kids Go Classical with The Baby’s Opera, A Children’s Overture

photograph of the stage and part of the audience of the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden
Imagine opera for babies. Or, Walter Crane's "The Baby's Opera" will do it for you.
26, 2011

Walter Crane’s book of children’s verse “The Baby’s Opera” was an inspiration to composers of classical music. See its gorgeous first edition print in full-color splendor.

New Book Praises Met Opera Maestro James Levine’s Deep Humanity

black-and-white photo of James Levine in conversation with opera director John Dexter
James Levine and opera director John Dexter.
July 1, 2011

“James Levine: 40 Years at The Metropolitan Opera” is a coffee table book as lavishly appointed as the Met’s productions.

Music I’ve Learned From Earl Wild

Pianist Earl Wild's recording of Schwarenka's piano concerto album cover
Pianist Earl Wild recorded Schwarenka's Piano Concerto in 1969.
June 21, 2011

A book written by a musician is successful if it draws the reader towards music- especially if the music is new to many people. By that measure, Earl Wild’s memoir is a success!

Book Review: Earl Wild’s Walk on the Wild Side

'A Walk on the Wild Side' by Earl Wild.
11, 2011

Earl Wild’s long threatened memoirs have just been published…posthumously. You don’t have to be a music lover to enjoy this book. Earl will convert you, and you will laugh and marvel through the journey.

Take Our Quiz: How Is Eugene Ormandy Related to Yogi Berra?

a caricature of yogi berra
Eugene Ormandy and Yogi Berra both expressed themselves in colorful, if not always quite accurate, ways.
June 7, 2011

Eugene Ormandy is best remembered for his 42-year run as conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, but unless you are a musician you may not know of another aspect of Ormandy…the creative way in which he expressed himself verbally, not unlike baseball great Yogi Berra.

‘Listen to This’; Essays by New Yorker Music Critic Alex Ross

Bjork sings into a microphone.
Icelandic pop star Bjork is among the many topics considered in Alex Ross's new collection of essays, "Listen to This."
30, 2011

New Yorker music critic Alex Ross’s new collection of essays covers a broad landscape of old and new figures in music from Schubert to Bjork.