Bolshoi Bowed to Body-Bending Ballet

Remember that old Far Side comic in which a handful of floppy-looking chickens lie about beneath a sign that reads “Boneless Chicken Ranch?”

Russia’s famed Bolshoi Ballet has just finished a stint capturing the “boneless” ethos in its performances of British choreographer Wayne McGregor’s ballet Chroma this month, according to a Reuters report.

The ballet was a departure for the Bolshoi dancers: its choreography calls for the dancers to move in ways unusual to their classical ballet training.  Bolshoi Ballet artistic director Sergei Filin said some of the dancers initially boycotted the ballet.

When the artists first saw McGregor’s ballet there was fear. There were many letters from artists refusing to take part in the production, which they said was either not for them or too difficult (to do).

Nevertheless, the show went on – until July 25.

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(above video: The Royal Ballet)