Berlin Phil Hornist Hosts Food and Classical Music TV Show

Above: Berlin Philharmonic hornist Sarah Willis cooks chicken soup with soprano Anna Prohaska on Willis’ food and classical music TV program, Sarah’s Prelude & Food.

Cook. Nosh. Kibbitz. Sing. Play.

A pithy how-to for a good time with friends? Well, yes, and also a description of the television show Sarah’s Prelude & Food, a cooking and chat show hosted by Berlin Philharmonic hornist Sarah Willis for German TV.

If you and a friend have ever enjoyed a a string quartet while enjoying steak and a full-bodied Merlot, or had your morning latte and kaffeeklatsch lifted by the mellow twinkling of a cafe piano, then you know that lively conversation, good food and drink and good music are like peas in a pod. And both good food and good music are as basic to everyday living as breathing. That’s part of the point of Sarah’s Prelude & Food: that classical music has a place everywhere – yes, in the concert hall, but also in your kitchen and on your TV screen and other places where people have a good time.

The show is packed with high-calorie classical musicians, including Willis herself, as well as guests like soprano Anna Prohaska, cellist Alban Gerhardt, tenor Massimo Giordano and Philip Meyer, in the role of “kitchen pianist.” And while that crowd infuses the show with plenty of good-time flavor, the production is levened by cameo appearances by artists beyond the classical music world, including the Christoph Schneider, drummer for the German dance metal band Rammstein, and German actor Christian Berkel.

But while the food is the excuse for the program, it’s really all about the chitchat and the good times. In the first episode of Sarah’s Prelude & Food, Anna Prohaska and Willis make Anna’s recipe for chicken soup amid back-and-forth about Anna’s days as a metal head and self-described Goth, as well as her current life on the opera stage. And yes, the wine makes its entrance early.

So, what’s your favorite thing to cook, and what music goes best with it?

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