Solo, Small Ensemble and Orchestral Music on Fretworks

10, 2014

This week on Fretworks, the standard six-string Spanish classical guitar is featured on all of our musical selections with some solo pieces as well as various ensemble combinations.

Underrated Sibelius on Symphony @ 7

8, 2014

Join me this evening for Symphony @ 7 on Classical 101 to hear music of Finnish composer Jean Sibelius. The not-often-enough heard Symphony No. 6 from 1923 is serene and beautiful, brooding and melancholy.

Mozart Sonata on Guitar for Next Fretworks

3, 2014

This Saturday evening at 7 on Classical 101, guitarist Paul Galbraith will be featured performing his arrangement of a Mozart piano sonata on his 8-string guitar. Another arrangement not heard often will be Vivaldi’s Lute Concerto in D performed by the Philadelphia Guitar Trio.

Famed Oboist Ray Still Has Died At 94

2, 2014

Oboist Ray Still passed away on March 12 at the age of 94 in Woodstock, Vermont surrounded by his family and listening to Bach’s St. Matthew Passion.

Verdi for Guitar and Asturias on Next Fretworks

29, 2014

Our next Fretworks program Saturday evening at 7 will include music from opera arranged for classical guitar. The Fantasy on Themes From Verdi’s La Traviata by Spanish composer Francisco Tarrega.

At 99 and Counting, It’s Never Too Late to Play Double Bass

Richard Turner
Richard Turner with his Upright Bass
27, 2014

Richard Turner will be 100 years old in May but apparently has no plans to stop playing the double bass anytime soon.

Spring From The Four Seasons For Three Guitars On Fretworks

20, 2014

Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons will be featured for the first Saturday of spring in an arrangement for three guitars on the next Fretworks on Classical 101.

An Irish Symphony for St. Patrick’s Day

17, 2014

Hamilton Harty wrote his Irish Symphony in 1904 for the Feis Ceoil Festival in Dublin. Each of the four movements of the symphony is based on a traditional Irish tune. This evening on Symphony @ 7 on Classical 101, we’ll have a performance of this work for St. Patrick’s Day.

Music of Bach on 8-String Guitar on Next Fretworks

13, 2014

On Saturday evening at 7 on classical 101, the next Fretworks broadcast will feature Paul Galbraith and his 8-string guitar for music of Johann Sebastian Bach.