Are You Well Strung?

The gentlemen of Well Strung(Photo: well strung)
The gentlemen of Well Strung(Photo: well strung)

Well Strung is the name of a string quartet made up of four buff guys whose look leans more to Olympic gymnasts than to practise room geeks.  They are following the trend set by the barihunk phenomenon a few years back:

Part Monty meets Calendar Girls, the barihunk phenomenon takes whatever male ensemble or soloist in question and sells sex. Well Strung plays Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi and Bartok. They perform Lady Gaga’s tunes and present a full evening show combining the classics with classic punk. And they sing, while not dropping a bow:

Don’t blame them for being pretty. Well Strung can play and they can perform (not everybody who can play can perform) If you want to market music to young people, it helps  to be young and have a young person’s ethos. There’s good music here and they look like their potential audience. They don’t need those of us who can barely totter to open another cupcake.

I congratulate Well Strung on savvy marketing and fine music making. Rock on.