‘America’ Thinks You’ve Got Talent? Juilliard May Disagree

10-year-old Jackie Evancho(Photo: courtesy, jackieevancho.com)
10-year-old Jackie Evancho(Photo: courtesy, jackieevancho.com)

One show after another has popped up the world over to give those who have talent (or at least THINK they do) to prove it to a panel of judges, one of whom must be somewhat curmudgeonly, as well as the rest of us.  One such person is 10-year-old Jackie Evancho.  Certainly, she can sing quite well, but problems arose when claims were made by fans and family that young Jackie would be entering Juilliard to study.  That claim was quickly denied.  (Arts Journal)

One only need think back a few years to another young singer who stunned listeners with vocal maturity beyond her years.  Charlotte Church has gone on to make a substantial amount of money, but she and others  have proved over and over again how hard it is to take that huge step from a concert stage to the opera stage.  Jackie Evancho may well have a fabulous career ahead of her.  Studying at Juilliard and singing Aida?  Only time will tell.

Watch Jackie Evancho sing Nessun dorma on PBS

2Cellos are better than one

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Problems in Pittsburgh

Flat attendance and a huge state tax cut has put the Pittsburgh Symphony in the red, despite, for years, getting more sales tax money than any Allegheny County performing arts group.

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  • QBoyd

    What a nasty, arrogant, and condescending article you wrote about Jackie Evancho.  At least you could do some checking before writing comments and get your facts correct.  It would be simple to do.  First, Jackie will not be attending Julliard, so what problems could have arose?  Second, Jackie is 11 years old, not 10.  Third,  Jackie doesn’t sing quite well, she sings amazingly well, there is no one singing today quite like her.  And finally, you are presupposing that Jackie wants to make that “huge step” from the concert stage to an Opera stage.  Have you asked her if that is her intent?  You shouldn’t assume that she intends to humble herself and make that step down.  If she does decide to, she would do nothing but add a lot of class to a genre that desperately needs a superstar that can bridge the gap between Opera and the masses.  This little lady that you arrogantly downplay has already greatly stirred and interest in classical styles of music that few if any have accomplished before.  Take a closer look at Jackie, Mr. Lancaster, do your homework and then reconsider your attitude and maybe write a more honest article.

    • Mashutka

      I like Jackie and think her exceptionally talented but this type of a rude reply from a fan to what is essentially an article that praises Jackie is going to drive people who read this away from Jackie.

      As to the “condescending” and “snobbish” – this describes your comment, QBoyd, to the letter.

    • Theonejrs


      I hate to say it but it’s people like you that cause so much trouble for Jackie and her Art.  You are the only one being Nasty, Arrogant, and Condescending.  He didn’t say anything bad about Jackie or her music.  All he did was point out that the step from the Music Hall to Opera is huge one.  Please try learning to read and comprehend, before you make rude comments and make an A$$ out of yourself!

  • Dexterdunk

    Jackie is an International Recording Artist Superstar. She doesn,t need Julliard, or your Opera snob comments!

    • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/66NCFAXDWYB7JVNVNLNIUTCUVU Violetta V

      I suggest you look up “snob” in a dictionary, it might apply to you much more so than people you call opera snobs. There is this thing called “reverse snobbery”.

       Some of Jackie’s fans who seem to do a great job of alienating neutral readers. They take any even positive review that might contain a word they dislike or aren’t worded in superlative terms they like to see and instead of answering the argument resort to personal attacks.

  • Michael

    Thank you, Boyce.  With fans like these, I think it is a fair guess that Jackie Evancho will not be heading for a successful classical career.  I do like her voice, however, and she presents a nice overall “package.”  I hope she doesn’t tax herself too much too early.  Who knows?  She may survive puberty and surprise us.  For her sake, I hope so.

    • Mirek Vejvoda

      The classical opera genre is really great but had declining audience especially in the US until Pavarotti and his tenor friends made this type of music enter the concert halls, stadiums and the masses’ attention. Jackie Evancho is continuing this trend enhancing it by this “small package” that delivers it with truly amazing grace, dignity, emotion and perfection. She enriches us by giving us the best of this genre, the opera crossover, that picks the best parts of operas. I am sure she will study music with the best teachers and in the best schools.
      The article was considered offensive by some as it assumed an opera role was “better” or “more” than an opera crossover concert by Evancho, Pavarotti or Bocelli, which it is not as it includes a lot of just acting and not so difficult singing. .

  • PG Antioch

    Mr Lancaster:
    Jackie Evancho’s family never, EVER said she was attending Juilliard. One of her vocal advisors, Lorraine Nubar, runs the Pre-College voice program there, but Jackie is not seeing her as part of that program because (1) she’s not yet 14, & (2) she lives hundreds of miles away. However, Ms Nubar clearly knows what she’s doing with young singers.

    The report that Jackie was “attending” Juilliard was an incorrect conclusion by British blogger Norman Lebrecht, whose research is clearly much worse than your own. As soon as he wrote that, Jackie’s family denied it, in no uncertain terms.

    Jackie sings very well, & at the age of 11 has already accomplished remarkable things, including being the youngest solo artist to earn a US platinum album, youngest to have a top 5 album on the American & British charts, youngest to have a Great Performances special on PBS, most enthusiastic audience in the history of Brilliant Lectures, etc. She’s accomplished these things during a time of falling album sales, & has done it singing in the classical crossover genre, which has generally been a quick ticket to “nowheresville” in this country.

    Besides having a remarkably “big” voice coming out of a tiny body, Jackie has the natural ability to convey emotions in her singing astonishingly well. I personally have never seen any other singer of any age in any genre consistently leave so many in her audience in tears. Of course it’s “impossible” for an 11 year old girl to convey emotions that powerfully, extending to those emotions she’s never even had. But there she is, & that’s (among other things) why Jackie is so good.

  • GRSE

    This child has talent but it is apparent that much of her performances are staged.   
    One quickly grows tired of the cliched gestures and the same sound for everything she
    sings.   I agree with Mr. Lancaster that time will tell whether she makes it to the opera 
    stage.   It is a long road from talent to artistry.