A Mandolin Concerto and 11-String Archguitar on next Fretworks

Xuefei Yang in 2008(Photo: Wikipedia)
Xuefei Yang in 2008(Photo: Wikipedia)

This Saturday evening at 7, the next Fretworks will feature a Baroque mandolin concerto as well as an 11-string archguitar, a cross between a classical guitar and a lute.  Also, we’ll hear from Chinese guitarist Xuefei Yang and the Netherlands Guitar Duo.

Xuefei Yang, who was born in Beijing in 1977, I believe, is the first classical guitarist from her country to achieve a wide international level of recognition.  She performs around the world and has recordings on the EMI label. We’ll present a short but lovely Chinese piece and something from the Spanish repertoire from this fine guitarist.

Here she is with WGBH in Boston:

And speaking of interesting guitarists, Jon Mendle says to find his true voice on the guitar, he had to have one especially made for him.  He plays an archguitar, an instrument with 11 strings that allows him to bridge the gap between his lute and guitar playing.  He describes the sound as “a kind of cross between the lute, baroque guitar, 19th century guitar, and modern classical guitar.”

Here’s Jon Mendle performing music of Adam Falckenhagen on his 11-string archguitar:

We also will have an 18th century mandolin concerto on the program to feature a fretted instrument that shares with the violin, a similar size and tuning (in its modern form).  Actually, there are mandolins in many sizes, but I have to admit I immediately picture the type used in American bluegrass music.

The Netherlands Guitar Duo will perform an arrangement of music of Enrique Granados,  and Pepe Romero, a concerto by Vivaldi.

Join me for the next Fretworks, Saturday at 7pm here on Classical 101.