Classical 101 Archives For April 2015

Guitar Music for Twins on Next Fretworks

31, 2014

The world’s largest annual gather of twins is happening this weekend in Twinsburg, Ohio, so why not have music for twin guitarists on Fretworks?

The Arts in Columbus: An Updated Perspective

The Columbus Museum of Art exterior
The Columbus Museum of Art. More is more and more is better!
July 31, 2014

The arts in the big cities struggle. The arts thrive in Columbus.

Pain, Pleasure and Purcell: Why a Ground Bass Hurts So Good

color photograph of a marble spiral staircase with black wrought-iron railing around it
How Henry Purcell transformed cycles of desire and pain into some of the most satisfying music ever composed.
30, 2014

From the circular ground bass patterns of Baroque music, to the Guggenheim Museum’s sloping, spiraling floors, Classical 101′s Jennifer Hambrick explains how Henry Purcell transformed pain into pleasure – and into some of the most satisfying music ever composed.

ProMusica Cellist Wants to Demystify Classical Music

Nathaniel Chaitkin and his musical friends
29, 2014

ProMusica Cellist Nathaniel Chaitkin says Bach and beatbox have more in common than you might imagine.

Mozart Minute Podcast: Fiordiligi

color image of a portrait of Mozart wearing a bright red coat
Catch The Mozart Minute every Friday at noon during the Amadeus Deli, and listen to the podcast at
July 25, 2014

You’d think an opera composer as great as Mozart was would write an opera role as demanding as that of Fiordiligi in Cosi fan tutte only for a top-notch singer. But did he?

Going to Forbidden Places, On The American Sound, 6pm Saturday

color photograph of a black-and-white
Music that takes us to places where we should not go, Saturday at 6 p.m. on The American Sound on Classical 101.
24, 2014

It might have been someplace dark and seedy. Or it might just have been you older brother’s bedroom, the corner office or even the cookie jar on the kitchen counter. It doesn’t matter: it was somewhere you were told, in some fashion, not to go. But you went there anyway.

Concerto by Mauro Giuliani on Rare Historic Guitar on Fretworks

24, 2014

On Fretworks this Saturday evening, I’ll have a fine recording of the popular Guitar Concerto No. 1 in A by the early 19th century guitarist composer Mauro Giuliani. John Williams will play a rare Gaetano Guadagnini guitar made in Turin in 1814.

Opera is for the Birds – At Least Those That Can Carry a Tune

24, 2014

Six Parrots That Can Sing Opera Better Than You

A Lockout in New York

Peter Gelb the Met’s president and CEO
Peter Gelb the Met’s president and CEO
24, 2014

The Metropolitan Opera has threatened a lockout if agreements can’t be reached with the company’s unions.

Maria Callas Interviewed by David Frost in 1970

David Frost with Maria Callas
David Frost with Maria Callas
24, 2014

Maria Callas on the David Frost TV show in 1970, as she was trying to revive her career.