Classical 101 Archives For: April 6, 2015

Marilyn Horne’s 80th Birthday

Marilyn Horne
January 15, 2014

Put January 16 on your calendar and have yourself a Snicker’s bar. It’s Mrilyn Horne’s 80th birthday!

“In Ten Years, Nobody Will Listen to Classical Music”

15, 2014

If you know how to get kids to love music, give me a call

No Instruments Were Damaged in the Writing of this Blog

Christopher WIlke
Christopher WIlke with his 13 course lute
15, 2014

After a Delta Airlines flight to Rochester, Christopher Wilke wound up in Delta’s baggage services office in Rochester in an attempt to arrange for repairs to his badly damaged instrument. After getting the runaround, he was contacted by “a member of Congress” who has offered to help with the negotiations.

Two Films Justly or Unjustly Neglected

Franco Zeffirelli, friend of Callas and Toscanini
January 15, 2014

Callas Forever and The Young Toscanini, two films by Franco Zeffirelli nobody (almost) has ever seen!

Did You Smell That Mozart? Immersive Concerts Tickle the Senses

color photograph of some cooked bacon slices lying on a white paper towel
What if Bach tasted like bacon?
15, 2014

BitterSuite expands the classical music concert experience through tastes, scents and sights.