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Mandolin Wizard Chris Thile Plays Bach on Fretworks

12, 2013

Our next Fretworks broadcast on Saturday evening at 7 on Classical 101 will feature an interesting mix of sounds, including Bach played on a mandolin and part of a symphony for guitar and orchestra by Alan Hovhaness.

Podcast: In The Key Of “D”anzmayr — Unique Concert Ideas Part 2

David Danzmyer
December 12, 2013

Recent seasons have presented examples of concerts, such as percussionist Colin Currie and recorder soloist Michala Petri, which represent the ongoing mission of ProMusica…to perform the best that Classical music has to offer, while seeking out new works and new ideas to keep the concert experience fresh and interesting.

Paul Elie and Reinventing Bach

reinvent bach
A wonderful new read by Paul Elie
December 12, 2013

Reinventing Bach is a provocative new book by Paul Elie. Has advanced technology changed how we expereince the music of J.S. Bach?