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How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Look Good.

Black-and-white photograph of an upright piano with some of the ivory broken off the tops of its keys
New research confirms that in the world of classical music, looks do matter.
20, 2013

We’ve seen it coming since at least the advent of the “Live in HD” age several years ago, but now it’s official. How a performing classical musician looks seems to be even more important than how he or she sounds, according to the Harvard Gazette. Chia-Jung Tsay, a former graduate student at Harvard University and [...]

Verdi Bicentennial: What’s a Stiffelio?

Sarah Caldwell (1924-2006) on the cover of Time in 1975
August 20, 2013

Giuseppe Verdi’s unknown opera actually came to the States in 1976. Verdi had been dead for seventy five years, and Stiffelio had been neglected since 1850. 126 years later, Boston got it right!