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Musical Journey to Ellis Island on Symphony @ 7

Ellis Island Immigration Museum
Ellis Island Immigration Museum
July 2, 2013

Heading toward the Fourth of July, we have an all-American program this evening on Symphony @ 7 that includes Ellis Island, the Dream of America by Peter Boyer.

In Search Of The Great American Symphony

Michael Tilson Thomas conducts the San Francisco Symphony
Michael Tilson Thomas and the San Francisco Symphony have been consistent champions of American music of all shapes and sizes. Are there — or will there be — American symphonies that stand with those of Mozart and Beethoven, Mahler and Shostakov
July 2, 2013

If we can argue over the great American novel, what about the great American symphony? Join the conversation in our summer-long exploration of the American symphony. Who writes symphonies in the U.S. these days? And who hears them?

Steinway Sold to Private Equity Firm

2, 2013

Kohlberg & Company appears to feel Steinway has room to grow through changes in it’s business model.