Classical 101 Archives For: February 25, 2015

Late-Romantic Italian Symphony on Symphony @ 7

Giovanni Sgambati
Giovanni Sgambati
May 14, 2013

This evening on Symphony @ 7, we’ll have a grand Romantic symphony from 1881 by Giovanni Sgambati.

Tannhauser Withdrawn

Tannhauser as performed last week in Germany
14, 2013

Wagner’s opera Tannhauser, premiered in 1848-has been updated to the Third Reich in a new staging in Germany. Public protests have caused a cancellation.

Research Suggests Musical Males Might Have Mating Mojo

color photograph of the top of a classical guitar lying on its back, looking down the neck towards the body
Need a date? A guitar could help.
14, 2013

Gentlemen, if you ever needed a reason to thank Mom for those music lessons, this is it.

Worthington’s Audrey Watkins to perform on NPR’s From the Top

Audrey Watkins and Christopher O'Riley
Audrey Watkins performing with Christopher O'Riley on From the Top
14, 2013

Flutist Audrey Watkins says once you get past the nerves that come with preparing a piece, once you become so comfortable with what you’re playing that you let go and let the music flow…that’s when you begin to feel the power of the music and the ability to really affect people with what you play.