Classical 101 Archives For: April 6, 2015

Lakes, Filling Stations and More on Saturday’s The American Sound

Black-an-white photograph of an old-time gas station.
Tune in to hear music from Virgil Thomson's ballet "Filling Station" on The American Sound, Saturday at 6pm on Classical 101.
4, 2013

This Saturday at 6 p.m. The American Sound features music to bring out the poetry all around us.

You Can Hum Along to These TV Commercials

Rise Stevens selling cigarettes in the 1950s.
Rise Stevens selling cigarettes in the 1950s
April 4, 2013

Musicians hawk their wares on TV-all around the world. I’d buy from them!

International Guitar Month Begins with Spain on Fretworks

4, 2013

Since April is “International Guitar Month,” the next four Fretworks programs will feature music for the classical guitar from a different geographical region each week. When I tried to find out where “International Guitar Month” came from or what it was about, all I could come up with was that it was a musical instrument [...]

Cellists David Finckel and Luis Biava in the Classical 101 studios

4, 2013

Classical 101 listeners get a special sneak peek as David Finckel, along with NASO conductor/cellist Luis Biava will be in the studio with me on Friday morning at 9am for music and conversation.