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Columbus Symphony Broadcast This Sunday Featuring Tito Munoz

Tito Munoz: Tiger, dynamo, wizard
March 14, 2013

The Columbus Symphony broadcasts are hot every Sunday at 1 pm, but this week’s concert burns the place down.

Mischievous Music Saturday on The American Sound

Color photograph of a red-and-white
Hear music that does things the "wrong way" Saturday at 6 pm on The American Sound.
14, 2013

If you were ever a mischievous little kid, then you know that doing something “wrong” can feel pretty good – at least until the proverbial boom gets lowered on your proverbial rascally self. Tune in to The American Sound Saturday at 6pm for fun and beautiful musical works that do things the “wrong” way – and get away with it!

Columbus Has Too Many Sopranos This Weekend

op proj cols
St. Peter and Too Many Sopranos
14, 2013

A comic opera being presented this weekend by a wonderful new opera company, Opera Project Columbus.

Playing the Bagpipes Can Make You Sick

photograph of a group of men wearing kilts and playing bagpipes and drums
A U.S. researcher says playing the bagpipes can cause "strange" lung and stomach problems.
14, 2013

An American physician says playing the bagpipes can cause potentially serious lung and stomach problems.

ProMusica Cellists Perform Live This Morning On Classical 101

Principal Cello Marc Moskovitz (foreground) and Nathaniel Chaitkin will perform with Cora Kuyvenhoven and Joel Becktell Saturday evening at the Pontifical College
14, 2013

ProMusica cellists Marc Moskovitz, Cora Kuyvenhoven, Nathaniel Chaitkin, and Joel Becktell will be in the Classical 101 studios with Boyce Lancaster Friday morning at 9 am to perform and talk about their upcoming weekend concert.