Classical 101 Archives For April 2015

Beating a dead warhorse

20, 2012

In our busy lives, music is an accompaniment, a familiar friend.  Once in a while, however, it pays to pay a little closer attention to the familiar you just might hear something new

Benjamin Britten’s 100th Birthday….NOT!

19, 2012

Let’s celebrate Benjamin Britten anyway! Even if its his 99th birthday and not his 100th!

Columbus Symphony Takes Us to Paris

17, 2012

Columbus Symphony concerts at the Southern Theater this weekend. Music by Ravel, Milhaud, Stravinsky and Prokofiev, with Alicia Hui, violin. Peter Stafford Wilson conducts. Pre-concert talks with me (!) one hour before each performance.

Paul Hindemith and Music Inspired by a Masterpiece of Art

Isenheim Alterpiece (second view)
November 16, 2012

German-born composer Paul Hindemith based his most famous musical work of art on a Renaissance masterpiece, the Isenheim Alterpiece of Mattias Grunewald.  The opera Mathis der Mahler (Matthias the Painter), from 1935, is about the struggle of the artist during a turbulent time of the Protestant Reformation.  This evening on Symphony @ 7, we’ll have [...]

Arianna Quartet Performs Peruvian-Inspired String Quartet Sunday

16, 2012

As a kid learning how to play the piano, composer Gabriela Lena Frank says, “I would try and make my Beethoven sound a little more Peruvian by adding flourishes that the guitar players might use, or accents in a way that was reminiscent of what pan pipe players might do.” The unique sounds of Peruvian music would later find their way into Frank’s Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout, part Peruvian travelogue, part family history recounting in the genre of the string quartet Frank’s first trip to her mother’s homeland.

Minnesota Orchestra conductor breaks silence about labor issue

16, 2012

Osmo Vanska, who is responsible for guiding the Minnesota Orchestra to a new level of artistry, has broken his silence about the contract impasse which threatens not just their season, but their very existence.  ”I urge the Board and the players of the MO, from the bottom of my heart, to seek new and creative [...]

Classical dead ringers

15, 2012

It is said that everyone has a doppelganger.  Limelight Magazine has taken it upon themselves to ferret out six of them.  If you have others, let me know! Read Composer look-a-likes:  Classical dead ringers (Limelight Magazine)

Diversity is more than just a politically correct buzzword

14, 2012

Diversity is a word that gets tossed around a lot these days, oftentimes to the point that it loses it’s impact.  However, I’d like to toss it out there today in terms of our listening habits.

Columbus OH: This past weekend in “Cowtown”

13, 2012

A snapshot of one weekend with the arts in Columbus OH. These are only that I attended. There was a lot more-great if you have a cat’s nine lives. Remember this is only one weekend. You could be out on the town every night.

Columbus Guitar Society Presents Martha Masters

9, 2012

The Columbus Guitar Society’s second concert of the season is being presented Saturday, November 10 at 8pm. Guitarist Martha Masters will perform at the Huntington Recital Hall on the Capital University campus in Bexley.