The Battle For Clean Air: Tour Conesville’s Coal-Fired Power Plant

July 14th, 2011

There is a fight in Ohio over clean air and coal-fired electricity as the federal Environmental Protection Agency discusses stricter air pollution controls on coal-fired power plants. One such plant is located just outside the small village of Conesville, Ohio, in Coshocton County, about 70 miles east of Columbus. Learn more about the battle in a two part series (part 1, part 2) by WOSU’s Tom Borgerding. (7 Photos)

Power plant
A sign at the entrance of the Conesville Power Plant, operated by American Electric Power, in Conesville, Ohio, points visitors in the right direction. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)
Conesville Power Plant
Employees cars are parked outside the Conesville Power Plant in Conesville, Ohio, on June 29, 2011. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)
Two of the Conesville Power Plant's smokestacks. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)
Electricity Generater
Inside of the American Electric Power's Power Plant in Conesville, Ohio, a spinning turbine drives a generator that produces electricity. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)
A coal-filled life
Joe Balo, 91, has lived in Conesville, Ohio, his whole life. The former coal miner was mayor of the small village for more than 35 years. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)
View from the top of the Conesville Power Plant
A view of the coal yard from the top of the Conesville Power Plant. The coal is washed in the water seen in the photo. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)
Coal yard
The coal that the Conesville Power Plant burns is brought in mostly by truck and stored in the coal yard. (Photo by: Ally Marotti/WOSU)

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