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Tour de Columbus: A Two-Wheeled Tour of Columbus Taco Trucks

July 11th, 2011

A group of bicyclists toured Columbus, Ohio in a unique way on Saturday riding their bikes to various taco trucks around the area to sample the trucks’ culinary offerings. The event (co-sponsored by Columbus Yelp, Columbus Food Adventures, Elevator Brewing, Hal & Al’s, Columbus Rides Bikes Blog, Franklinton Cycleworks and Yay Bikes!) was called “Yelp On Two Wheels: A Taco Truck Tour!” (5 photos)

Bicyclists dismount near the Little Mexico taco truck.
Riders dismount near the Little Mexico taco truck during the Yelp on Two Wheels Taco Truck Tour. Proceeds from the event went to local bike advocacy organization Yay Bikes! (Photo by: Raymond George (flickr))

Olentangy Trail at Fifth Street

July 9th, 2011

Popular with runners and bikers, the Olentangy Trail runs along the Olentangy River from Worthington Hills (to the North) to Downtown.

a cyclist crosses under the fifth street underpass on the olentangy trail
A cyclist passes under Fifth Street on the Olentangy Bike Trail on the afternoon of July 9, 2011. As the trail approaches downtown south of the Ohio State University campus, it runs alongside Highway 315 and passes under an intricate series of bridges and underpasses. (Photo by: Adam Schweigert/WOSU)