An Afternoon Ride Along The Olentangy

July 13th, 2011

The Olentangy Trail in Columbus, Ohio, offers almost 14 miles of mixed-use trail for bikers, walkers or runners along the Olentangy River. On July 12, 2011 cyclists took advantage of the midday sun to take a summer ride along the trail. (6 photos)

The Olentangy River
A marshy section of the Olentangy River runs under the Olentangy Trail near the Dodridge Street bridge. (Photo by: Ally Marotti / WOSU)
Biking by the wetlands
A biker rides by the wetlands on the Olentangy Trail. (Photo by: Ally Marotti / WOSU)
Biking along the Olentangy
A biker rides along the Olentangy Trail north of The Ohio State University campus. (Photo by: Thomas Bradley / WOSU)
Solar Power
A solar-powered lean-to offers Olentangy Trail bikers protection from the sun and air for their bike tires. (Photo by: Ally Marotti / WOSU)
Mosaic Compass
A mosaic compass on the ground in the solar-powered bike shelter on the Olentangy Trail keeps trail visitors pointed in the right direction. (Photo by: Ally Marotti / WOSU)
Biking on the Olentangy
Another biker rides along the Olentangy Trail. (Photo by: Thomas Bradley / WOSU)

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