WOSU Critics Review The Summer’s Best Movies

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Amy Juravich, The Other Paper film critic Hope Madden and Columbus Alive film critic Brad Keefe discuss their movie choices this week.

Bad Teacher

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive Film Critic
“I was a little disappointed in it.  It kind of mines that Bad Santa, bad behavior, it evokes it with the name and it just doesn’t go far enough with it.  I wanted it to be more tasteless.”

Cars II

Hope Madden, The Other Paper Film Critic
“It’s kind of like Larry the Cable Guy saves the world, which I don’t think anybody wants to see.”

The Tree of Life

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive Film Critic
“Movies like The Tree of Life are the reason people hate movie critics.  It’s heady art.  You either love it or hate it.  It’s a nice change of pace for people who see a lot of movies.  It’s really ambitious.  I don’t know if it’s entertaining.”

The Green Lantern

Hope Madden, The Other Paper Film Critic
“I had low expectations and I was blown away by how much worse the film was than what I expected it to be.  I was awe-struck by the awfulness of this movie.”


Hope Madden, The Other Paper Film Critic
“It’s a big summer blockbuster that’s character driven.  And the kids can act.  It’s very much focused on the kids and their adventure the way that E.T. was.  For me it was E.T. with a little JAWS.”

Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive Film Critic
“It’s refreshing not to see everything in the trailer, it’s revealed in glimpses.”

Hope Madden, The Other Paper Film Critic
“And bad things happen, so often films cater to a family audience are so sugar coated but bad things happen in this movie and it turns out well but there’s a darkness about it and it’s really, really well acted and it’s just a text book version of storytelling, it’s really well done.”

All Sides Weekend host Amy Juravich asks, “Are the movies getting better this summer or are people just desperate to get out and see a movie?”  “It’s all big marketing.” says Brad Keefe, Columbus Alive Film Critic.

“We all flock to the big movies that we’re supposed to see this weekend.  Last weekend it was Green Lantern, it made money, it wasn’t good.  This weekend, it’s Cars, it’s going to make even more money, it’s not that good.”

Hope Madden, The Other Paper Film Critic, agrees.

“Next week it will be the Transformers.  I think that history has proven that it’s not likely to be very good but it will make bucket loads of money.  It think you’re right, people always go in the summer.  It’s just when you go and that’s when the giant blockbusters come out.  I don’t think that the movies we’ve seen this calendar year have been as strong as last year.  But most of the ones last year didn’t make that much money either.”

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