Waterfire on Olentangy River

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Flames burn on the water for Waterfire.

Flames burn on the water for Waterfire.

Before attending The Ohio State University, I went to school for a year at Johnson & Wales University, in Providence, RI. Providence is a beautiful city, full of art and creativity. It is the home to the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and Brown University. Both are prestigious schools that add to the creative atmosphere.

Once a month, Providence held a great event called Waterfire. Waterfire was essentially the floating of wood -fueled bonfires on top of the river. It’s a really neat concept and allowed for a magical night. Providence would always use Waterfire as an opportunity to display art and provide food and entertainment. I thought that this experience was unique to Rhode Island, but I’m surprised to see that Columbus also celebrates Waterfire and views it as an evening of art as well.

The first burn is Friday, June 25 and will feature a performance by Ladies of Longford. Waterfire will go on throughout the summer with the last fire igniting on September 18. It begins at dusk, is free, and is located at the downtown waterfront near Genoa Park. You can find the dates here Waterfire Schedule.

I would definitely suggest checking the event out; it’s a beautiful display.

-Laura Kelly (WOSU Intern)

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