Wallace Peck at Columbus Arts Festival

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Wallace Peck has been chosen by the Columbus Arts Festival to showcase his work June 1, 2 and 3rd when all of Columbus gathers downtown to celebrate the return of the festival to the riverfront.

The committee didn’t know he was disabled. They saw a remarkable painter and wanted to introduce his work to a larger audience.  Peck is one of eleven local artists who have been hand picked by the festival under their Emerging Artists Program.

“His work has already seen quite a following in Columbus,” says Sharon Dorsey, Habilitation Coordinator and Art Facilitator at Open Door Art Studio, where Wallace does his work. “So we submitted a collection of his work just like any other artist would and it ended up that they selected his work not knowing that he had any sort of disability.”

You might have seen him in the May issue of 614 Magazine.  You might have seen his work on Columbus Underground.  He’s been getting a lot of attention lately because his work is narrative and memorable.  It’s engaging.

“I paint people.  People I know.  People I trust,” says Peck. He has lost track of how many years he has been painting but every canvass declares a timeless affection for the people in his life.

Peck works out of Open Door Art Studio in Grandview along with dozens of artists who also happen to be disabled.

“It’s simply a working artists’ studio,” says Dorsey. “And people come here like any other local Columbus artists, to their studio to create what they want to create.   We just really provide the services and any instruction that they would need to get what’s in their head out on canvass, paper, sculpture, whatever.  So yeah, Wallace is just like any other artists, he just comes here to work.”

In addition to the Columbus Arts Festival June 1, 2 &3, you can see Wallace Peck’s work at the Open Door Art Studio Exhibition Space June 9th through August 4th.



1050 Goodale Blvd

Grandview, Ohio 43212

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  • Courtney Yoakum

    This is great!  Thanks so much to WOSU for doing such wonderful work.

    Courtney Yoakum

  • Cat

    The ‘people first language’ and focus on Peck as an artist (who just so happens to have a disability) is awesome. What a wonderful piece of journalism about a wonderful artist.