Thurber House – Part 2

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A room inside the Thurber House, Columbus, Ohio. A room inside the Thurber House, Columbus, Ohio. [/caption]_video_two.flv]

Part 2 of a two part series celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Thurber House: Artzine takes a look back at its beginnings and finds out how this condemned property became one of the nation’s most treasured literary centers.

“It’s wonderful to have come up for a prize for this sort of thing because it needs to be encouraged,” said Joe Keenan, winner of the Thurber Prize for American Humor in 2006.

Other Thurber events (besides prize ceremonies) attract people from all over.

“There are devoted followers worldwide,” said Paul Watkins, Thurber House trustee emeritus.

Thurber House provides writing programs for kids and teens, as well as community outreach.

“They’re a great neighbor  in the discovery district,” said Nannette Maciejunes, executive director of the Columbus Museum of Art.

The Thurber House is the only non-profit literary center in the country with year-round programing for children and adults.

What does the future hold for the Thurber House?

“It is tough out there, and I believe that it’s likely to only get tougher. But, at the same time, we ignore at our peril that which in our community not only serves immediate needs, but serves the need for continuity, for heritage, for history, and for the human spirit, all of which the Thurber House contains and manifests in its work,” said Doug Kridler, president of the Columbus Foundation.

Happy anniversary Thurber House.


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