The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond

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In December, 2009, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond, a film based on a never-before-produced screenplay by Tennessee Williams opened in theaters.

Set in the 1920s, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond centers upon Fisher Willow, a young woman living with her aging aunt while navigating the treacherous waters of Memphis society. The reputation of her father, an unscrupulous plantation owner, lingers over Fisher like a dark cloud as the headstrong heroine tries to distance herself from the tainted legacy. With her aunt’s teardrop-shaped diamond earrings clipped to her ears and with the handsome young Jimmy Dobyne as her escort, she flaunts her charms and ignores the gossip. Jimmy is the youngest scion of a once-great Southern family now fallen on hard times. (His father is a drunk and his mother is in an insane asylum.) Aware that Fisher’s affection, combined with her wealth, might help him lift his family from its penurious state, Jimmy toys with the idea of a more formal commitment. When one of Fisher’s earrings goes missing, however, he becomes a suspect, and the tensions that have simmered between them come to a boil. (Read more.)

The film is by director Jodie Markell, and stars Bryce Dallas Howard in the leading role of Fisher Willow.

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