The American Soldier: Photographic Tribute at Ohio History Center

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It takes a few seconds to capture an image on camera, yet its lasting impact is of great importance.

Currently on display at The Ohio History Center are a variety of dynamic photos taken during some of the world’s most pivotal wars.

Emmy and Tony award-winner Cyma Rubin’s thought-provoking exhibit, The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute From the Civil War To Iraq, illustrates the patriotic determination of those who serve in combat as well as the photographers who risk their lives to acquire these fascinating photographs.

Some families accompanied the men to camps. At the 31st Pennsylvania Infantry near Washington, D.C., a woman, children and possibly her husband pose for the photographer.

Rubin, director of the Emmy-award winning documentary, Moment of Impact: Stories of the Pulitzer Prize Photographs (1999) and curator for the subsequent exhibit, Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs (2000), possesses an extensive knowledge of photography and storytelling. Her keen eye for detail and emotional quality is evident in the 116 photos she selected for the current American Soldier exhibit.  In her opinion, simplicity is significant.

Rubin says she wanted to illustrate “the American soldier soldering…in every form.”

This includes photos of soldiers enduring challenging climates, celebrating their return home with family members, and developing camaraderie with fellow soldiers. These photographs reveal a calm bravery despite the American soldiers’ unknown circumstances.

Rubin also acknowledges the immense courage of the photographers. She says, “The photographer is risking their life…they have to be right in the middle of it.”

From the Civil War leading up to the War in Iraq, her exhibit illustrates the importance of the war photographer as well as the soldier.

Rubin’s The American Soldier exhibit is located at the Ohio History Center. The Ohio History Center is the building that houses the Ohio Historical Society at 800 E. 17th Street in Columbus. The exhibit runs from July 1 to December 30, 2011.

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