ProMusica Looks for Rising Stars

| January 18, 2008 | 0 Comments

If you ask the Director of any Arts organization what the most difficult part of their job is, the first words out of their mouths will be, funding finding the money to pay for what they do.

With today’s technology, there are innumerable hands out waiting to take your entertainment dollar. Arts organizations look for any edge they can find to tip the scale in their favor, something which will put more people in the seats.

In the case of orchestras, one of the big draws is the guest artist preferably someone with enough name recognition to entice music lovers to part with some of their discretionary income.

But getting a marquis performer is not as simple as calling Itzhak Perlman’s manager to pencil him in for a date in Columbus. Most orchestras can’t afford a performer of Perlman’s stature.

So how do you survive in a world where wishes and reality are often at odds? One solution is to try to catch tomorrow’s stars today before they’re in full orbit.


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