Opera Columbus – The Marriage of Figaro

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Would you be smart enough to outwit a count if he was trying to steal your fiancee on your wedding day? 

In Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro, Figaro, his fiancee and other characters team up to outsmart the adulterous Count.

Anne-Carolyn Bird, a soprano, plays Suzanna, Figaro’s fiancee.

“My job in the castle is lady-in-waiting to the Countess, and she and I kind of work together throughout the evening to plot things against the Count, who has designs on me, on everybody frankly,” Bird told Classical 101′s Christopher Purdy. “On this evening, [the Count is] trying to get some time with me before I get married to Figaro.”

Scott Conner, a bass, plays Figaro. In the opera, Figaro is not happy with the Count’s attempts to steal his fiancee.

“Throughout the entire opera, [the Count] and I are going back and forth through these schemes and these games and finally at the end of the opera, our little scheme works,” Conner said. “It’s a fun production.”

Kirsten Gunlogson, a mezzo-soprano, plays Cherubino, a teenage boy.

“I’m playing, what we call in opera, a trouser role,” Gunlogson said, in which a woman plays a male character.

Gunlogson said Mozart wrote the opera to have a woman play the part of a boy.

“Part of it’s due to the vocality and the color of voice that he was looking for,” Gunlogson said. “A little bit higher than a normal alto voice and a little bit lower than a soprano-range voice.”

Opera Columbus’s production of The Marriage of Figaro opens Feb. 13 at Ohio Theatre.



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