The Ohio State University Arts and Royal Shakespeare Company

| December 20, 2009 | 0 Comments

20 Ohio teachers traveled to England for a summer collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company and Ohio State’s Arts Initiative that enriched the professional careers of the teachers and gave them inspiration to teach Shakespeare in a more meaningful way to students all around the state.

“I think because we were in the land of Shakespeare, they had such a breadth of knowledge that they could really bring it to life for us,” said Amy McKibben. “It was very alive. It was not dead words on a page while we were there.”

“Fifth and six graders, normally, if they know who Shakespeare is, they’re terrified of reading him … Working with the [Royal Shakespeare Company] and with The Ohio State University has given me all these new ways to approach it with them. I can do that with drama. I can do that with music. I can do that with play,” said McKibben.

“Really, if they’re learning through play, it’s going to be something they can keep with them, and it will make Shakespeare less intimidating.”

“These teachers said, ‘Our lives have been altered. We will never teach the same way again,’” said Karen Bell, associate vice president of The Arts Institute.


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