New Faces at the Columbus Arts Festival

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Some fresh faces emerged from behind their art with a new initiative at Columbus Arts Festival in June.

With Emerging Artists Program, ten local artists with little or no experience showing their work were chosen to come and not only occupy a booth, but learn the ins and outs of festivals.

The program provided the opportunity for artists from Franklin and surrounding counties to show their work at the festival from June 3 – 5 in the Discover District and guided them through the festival process.

“Ideally this experience will give them the background they need to do other national shows and festivals,” said Jami Goldstein, vice president of marketing, communications and events at the Greater Columbus Arts Council.

Photographer Amanda Rife and painter Kirill Novikov are two of the emerging artists.

“The thought of just being an artist as of like, a year ago, absolutely would have just blown my mind,” Rife said. “And now it’s almost tangible, it’s almost there.”

Novikov said there is always more to learn, and artists at almost every festival he goes to teach him something.

“It helps to know that someone is behind you and that people like your work,” Novikov said. “That is true for any artist, so I think it fuels the creative side.”

Rife said some of her work might have never received attention had it not been for the Emerging Artists Program.

“After this summer, I’ll never wonder what could’ve been,” Rife said.

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