Inklings of a Wonderland to Come

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(Photo: Ely Bros. Photography)

(Photo: Ely Bros. Photography)

On one chilly evening this February at the  Franklin Park Conservatory, you could find  young folks and old folks, artists and musicians, and the most exciting thing in this writer’s life:  jello buttons.  I ate a few too many red ones.

The event was “Float” and the cheerful hosts were the staff and volunteers of Wonderland.

Wonderland is a creative venture with plans as multi-faceted as the crowd at Float.  Soon to call home the old Wonder Bread factory on Fourth St. in the Short North, Wonderland will bring together in one facility a mix of artist studio space, gallery space, retail, performance and event space, a recording studio, a gym, and a restaurant and bar.  Their vision is to catalyze the full economic and cultural potential of the creative community of Columbus, and it sure seems like they will.

Though the facility isn’t set to open for a year or so, the folks at Wonderland are getting the news out about the project with monthly events and it’s definitely getting people excited.  The two brother team of Ely Photography, who took the beautiful photographs you see here, are two such individuals.  ”We are very excited about Wonderland. We believe in Columbus and its inevitable growth and inevitable recognition as an amazing place to live, create, and set up shop. Wonderland will help to push those truths into the national light.”

Float was a perfect event to represent Wonderland,as folks were asked to write down their wishes and tie them to balloons tethered to books behind the Conservatory. Inspired by the Chinese New Year traditions of festivals that fill the skies with paper lanterns, the balloons were lit inside by LED lights.

Much like Wonderland, the act of writing down wishes in hopes of fulfilling them reflects the can-do attitude and high mindedness of those catapulting the project into realization.

To find out more about Wonderland and the people making it happen visit their website.


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