Happy Cat Farm Organic Farming

| July 16, 2014 | 1 Comment

From WHYY in Philadelphia

After the death of his grandfather in 1993, Tim Mountz received a jar of beans that would generate his fascination with food and its history. Now as the owner of Happy Cat Farm near Philadelphia, Tim seeks to instill that sense of history and tradition into great, naturally grown food. Starting as the hobby of a seed collector, Happy Cat Farm has grown into a national distributor of both seeds and plants. Mountz reminds us what it means to live simply and by the seasons in the face of a complicated modern world and describes Happy Cat Farm as an example of local, do-it-yourself farming that ensures high-quality and unadulterated food.

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  • Loriwith7kids

    This was great information, thank you. And thank you for your dedication in preserving the seeds. Love your video here.